Kratom Powder:

Kratom powder is definitely the most popular of the kratom varieties. To make the kratom powder, it is simply kratom leaf that is put into a grinder and is ground up into a fine powder. Now I'm not talking about a coffee grinder. The grinders that are used to grind up the kratom leaf are big. The grinders can grind up a kilo of kratom leaf in about 20 seconds. The kratom is ground up so fine it almost has the texture and look of flour.


There's different kinds of kratom that can be ground up into powder. There's the following: Indonesian Kratom or Indo Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom or Pimp Kratom, Thailand Kratom or Thai Kratom. Thai kratom powder is the most popular of kratom varieties, but no necessarily the best. People are most familiar with the Thai Kratom because there's not only a lot of quantity but thai kratom is also very beachy sounding. Thailand is a place of great weather, beautiful beaches, and wonderful local people. The positive reputation and popularity of the country Thailand, I feel, has a positive impact on the the ethnobotanical "Thai Kratom."


Maeng Da Kratom is supposed to be the strongest strain of all the kratom powder varieties and i personally beleive it does have extra strength. It's the compound mitragyna that gives it the extra push. All in all, whatever kratom powder you choose, you will get an effect out of it. Some people even mix the pimp kratom with the thai kratom to even it out and give their mix a little different effect. If you stick with the Thai Kratom you will be pleased.


If you end up buying the kratom powder you'll be in good hands. There's so much you can do with good kratom powder. You can mix the fine kratom powder easily with any type of liquid or any type of mixture. I've heard that kratom cookies can be a real winner. Adding lots of sugar to eliminate the bitter taste along with regualr thai kratom powder served with some chocolate kratom milk can really set the tone on the beach during the sunset. You can also easily make kratom tea with the powder. Just put the powder in a filter bag and put inside some boiling water to create a nice relaxing kratom tea.