Kratom Capsules:

Kratom capsules have become very popular in the last year. There's different types of kratom capsules on the market. You will find just regular kratom pills that hasn't been extracted, this is obviously a non-concentrated form, or just regular kratom powder inside a gelatin cap. There's also extracted or concentrated versions of kratom inside a capsule such as 15x kratom, 25x kratom and even a 35x kratom extract. You just have to be careful in where you purchase and buy kratom capsules because it has to be done in a controlled lab environment. When in a controlled environment everything is done precise and clean much like how vitamins are produced. Soon kratom vitamins will be wide spread.


Simply, kratom pills is just pure kratom inside a gelatin capsule. You can just consider the kratom caps as kratom vitamins. For people that enjoy socializing and relaxing with kratom, its an easy way to just grab a couple kratom capsules, put them in your pocket, and pop the kratom pills when at your leisure. Rather then hanging out with friends at the beach and having to pull out a big messy bag of kratom powder for mixing, it's much easier to relax on the beach and pop some non-messy kratom pills while the sunset is going down.


The taste of kratom is pretty bad. It has a very bitter aftertaste which is why kratom gelatin capsules have become quite popular. With the kratom powder or kratom extract enclosed inside the gelatin capsule, you don't have to deal with the taste or smell. Partying with kratom isnt the true meaning behind kratom capsules, but just another form to use the best kratom in the best manner. I personally enjoy just regular powder, but kratom capsules will soon be a very popular product in the kratom world.