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"This site is dedicated to kratom lovers to provide the best kratom information on everything you need to know. This relaxing plant that has taken all other entheogens by storm. So popular, but still unknown to the masses. Kratom has so many different varieties and forms, and thats what I'm here to share."

You may ask yourself what is kratom? How does kratom work? How do you use kratom? Whats the difference between kratom powder and kratom extract? Do kratom capsules really work? And obviously where to buy the best kratom? Well you've come to the right place. You have entered the wonderful wonderland of kratom and now we have the kratom answers for you.



I'm sure friends have told you about kratom, or you've heard from a kratom info site on what it actually is, well take it from the kratom pros here at to help you out. So what exactly is kratom??


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Well.... kratom is a tree that grows wild in Thailand, literally. Kratom grows wild on the side of the road, in back yards, in parks, at the airport, even in the busy cities. Kratom grows so wild there's no complete way to control it. Kratom has been outlawed in Thailand, and the penalty for using kratom is severe. Kratom is also illegal in Australia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.


Kratom became popular with the Thailand rice farmers. The kratom would put them in a relaxed state which would help them survive through the harsh days of farming. Kratom. The kratom is used for its psychoactive effects because it contains many alkaloids including mitragynine, which is the main alkaloid that gives the psychoactive relaxing feeling. The farmers of Thailand relaxed with the kratom, and today many ethnobotanical enthusiasts are crazy over the new kratom product.


Kratom is a very special tree and we'd like all kratom lovers to know as much as possible which is why I have dedicated this site solely to kratom lovers. On the other pages I will go through how to use kratom, different varieties of kratom and kratom strains, and of course, where to buy this awesome kratom. Please feel free to write me any information you feel is needed to better my kratom site. Thanks to all kratom lovers.


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